Friday, February 10, 2012

Romantic Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial

Products Used:

Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
Maybelline dream mousse concealer
MAC sculpt and shape-Bone Beige/Emphasize
MAC cream color base- Pearl
MAC mineralized blush-Sakura

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
NYX jumbo pencil- Oyster
Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette- Light Pink, Taupe pink, Gun Metal Grey, Sheer black
MAC E/S- Vanilla
MAC E/S- Copperplate
MAC Mineralized trio- Outspoken
Rimmel pencil- Pure White
NYX pencil- Purple
Individual Lashes

NYX Round L/S-Paris
MAC L/S- Hue

Hope you girls enjoyed! :)


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shop MAC, Cook MAC Lipstick swatches

Mac recently came out with a new collection called Shop MAC , Cook MAC which features fun, bright colors for this upcoming spring/summer. I decided to check out the collection and got two lipsticks that stood out the most to me from the entire collection. They also re-promoted the Cremeblend blushes in Optimistic Orange and Florida which I already own but absolutely adore! So definitely check those out if you love bright blushes.

(No Flash)

Quick Sizzle- Bright hot pink (matte)

The First color I picked up is Quick Sizzle, Its a bright hot pink with strong blue purple tones to it. It is a matte finish so there is no shine to the lipstick, and its also quite creamy and not as drying as most MAC matte finish lipsticks can be. When I first saw this color in the store I thought it looked like a deeper version of MAC Candy Yum-Yum, but the two are not similar at all. Candy Yum- Yum is more candy pink and more neon. However, this color is identical to one of my favorites MAC Girl About Town. The only difference in the two is the finishes of the lipsticks which causes them to look slightly different because of the texture. Girl About Town is an Amplified finish; But if you love Girl About Town like I do then you might either want to get this or skip out. The undertones are exactly the same, Its basically a "matte" version of Girl About Town. If you don't like amplified finishes and like matte, then get Quick Sizzle, but I wouldn't say this is a must have if you already own something similar. I do love this color and I'm glad to add it to my collection!

Girl About Town (Permanent at mac stores)- Amplified
Quick Sizzle (Limited Edition)- Matte

(No flash)
Watch Me Simmer-  Bright Salmon/ Coral (Amplified)

Watch Me Simmer is a beautiful bright salmon/coral color. This color is perfect for spring/ summer and is  a popular shade for this s/s trend. I have nothing like this in my collection nor have I seen a color like this come out in a mac collection before. I love how bright it is, its almost neon which I love! It reminded me a bit of Vegas Volt which is like a coral/Orange color but its no where near Watch Me Simmer. This color is like the coral version of candy yum-yum because they are both very bright and neon and very hard to dupe! I also love that its an Amplified finish, that's one of my favorite finishes because they go on very smooth and creamy. Because this color is unique and not very dupe-able I would say to definitely get this color. This color would look amazing on any skin tone so don't be scared to rock a bold lip! 


So that's what I picked up from the collection, I hope you girls enjoyed my review and go check out the collection before it sells out. I recommend both lipsticks as they are perfect for this upcoming season and are very trendy, but if you have something similar then you can skip out on these two colors. 

-Amanda :)